CCTV Standards and Approvals.

The European standard for CCTV installations in the UK is BS EN50132-7:2012, which is the latest European regulation. A security body should approve security CCTV companies who claim to work to this standard. Each security organisation have their interpretation of this specification. Argus are approved by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) to the highest standard and certify all of our Security CCTV Installations to the NSI standard NCP104. Argus staff have undergone further Security CCTV training in 2013 to ensure all CCTV engineers are competent to work to the new installation standard.

CCTV Systems and Installations Wigan

Types of CCTV systems available.

Argus install and maintain all types of CCTV Systems, from the old conventional camera systems that record analogue quality images to a digital recorder, to the latest in IP digital CCTV solutions. Argus also install other types of systems including HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and HD-SDI protocol cameras, and for certain projects we also provide time-lapse recording solutions, where strategically located cameras take snap shot images over long periods of time to create DVDs of building construction projects from start to end.

What ever your requirements, Argus can taylor design a system for you. All new systems designed by Argus have a minimum of HD quality and some systems are now being designed with 4K recording capability.

Monitored CCTV

For higher risk environments where CCTV recording alone is not enough, Argus can design you an off-site monitored CCTV Solution, with cameras that on detection of movement will contact a 24 hour manned monitoring station. These systems can often save you lots of money against the cost of security guards, and provide complete peace of mind that your property is safe and secure from trespassers.
All our off site monitored solutions include audible challange, movement detection, and arm and disarm facilty, with a wide range of new feactures and benifits over older systems, incluing analytics, keyholder responce and police responce to intruders on a site.

Police Response Systems (BS8418)

The police response standard for CCTV Systems in the UK is BS8418. BS8418 is the code of practice for the installation and monitoring of all detector activated CCTV that requires a Police URN. A CCTV company such as Argus can only apply for a police URN if they are approved by an inspectorate such as the NSI. All police response CCTV systems must be designed and installed to meet all the criteria of BS8418.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Argus recommend that all CCTV Systems are annually maintained. Stand alone and none URN monitored systems, require a minimum of 1 service visit per annum. However, police response systems should have a minimum of 2 service visits per annum. A service visit is required to ensure that all cameras are still viewing the predetermined area, are focused correctly, have clear lenses, are fully operable, and also ensure that the system recording, detection and monitoring equipment is in full working order. Argus service regime is in full accordance with NSI Code of Practice NCP104, and for Police response systems BS8418.

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